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Anonymous: THEY ARE DUDE. Thanks.

YEAH DUDE. Now reveal yourself.

Anonymous: i will in just a minute :) well it wasn't actually a LOT like that, i moved to Michigan about 3 years ago and when i came back to visit most of my long-term friends had moved on with their lives and didnt have any time to keep the friendship going i guess because i wasnt there all the time.

Nahh that’s very relatable! You get alienated from people when you travel, or you make lots of friends but burn through them fast. Maybe it’s like some sort of sick price you have to pay. That’s too bad though :/ Maybe you’ll reconnect with them in the future, you never know right? People also seem to drift apart and drift back together at weird times. Anyway like pshhhh if they don’t want to be your friends they’re dumb fucks and you don’t need them anyway.